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  • Should we invent from scratch or use a pre-existing game sytem for our setting?
    • Pre-existing: Requires research for those of us unfamiliar with the setting.
    • Scratch: Requires much time and potential conflict in world-building.
Name Vote Notes
Erik Pre-made Changeling: the Lost
Chris Pre-made Exalted or Scion
Bryan Pre-Made I dunno, what’s the easiest to learn?

Erik: Whichever setting we decide to use, I propose that we focus on a specific city like we did before.

Chris: Any progress here? Erik- Perhaps you could fill me in a bit more on CtL. I read through the “What is Changeling?” link but I’m still unclear on how the game functions. What do you like about it?

Erik: Bryan, have you gotten a definitive answer yet from Liz? Also, I’m going to give Jon another call. If Liz is participating, then I would like to do a setting with which none of us are very familiar, so that she doesn’t feel like the odd one out. If not, then I would be okay doing Exalted, since all three (or four) of us are already familiar with the setting. I would still like to run something centralized (Nexus, Blessed Isle, or invent our own city) so that we can have a great big cast and interweaving story lines. EDIT: Although I would prefer a game with a contemporary setting.

Chris A contemporary setting is fine with me. That worked pretty well last time for establishing scenes but I think we could manage pretty well even with a fantasy setting. It’d be fun to find pictures for fantastic settings and such.

Bryan So are we calling this officially dead in the water, then?

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